Inclusive New Media Design

including people with intellectual disabilities in the WWW

INMD questions

As a research project, INMD aimed to answer some research questions. These were:

  • How might the social inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities in new media like the WWW be achieved?
  • How effective are web accessibility guidelines as a means of achieving such social inclusion?


  • What factors affect the take up and application of the accessibility ethos and guidelines in the web design practices of new media designers?
  • What is the relationship between accessibility guidelines and the creative design process?
  • How effective are other approaches (such as the inclusion of disabled users in the design process or highlighting exemplary practice) in achieving accessible web design?
  • What is the relationship between (a) discourses about creativity in general, and creativity in new media work in particular, (b) designers and developers‚Äô perceptions of their work and (c) the extent of their accessibility practice.
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