Inclusive New Media Design

including people with intellectual disabilities in the WWW

Profile of participants

In this video, some web designers and developers who participated in INMD talk about it.

  • 31 web professionals participated in the INMD project (28 in the workshops, 3 in interviews)
  • 13 participants were female; 18 were male.
  • 27 participants were employed; five were self-employed (one person was both).
  • Age ranges:
    20 to 29 years:
    30 to 39 years:
    40 to 49 years:
    50 to 59 years
  • Years of work experience:
    10 or more years:
    6 to 9 years:
    2 to 5 years:
    under 2 years
  • Participants had a variety of job titles. Their work covered a range of activities involved in building the web, including information architecture, project management, marketing, front and back-end coding, and visual design.
  • Prior to taking part in INMD, 25 participants had some knowledge of web accessibility. However, only 2 participants had considered the accessibility needs of web users with intellectual disabilities.
  • Only one-third of participants had experience user testing with disabled users and only one participant had done user testing with intellectually disabled users.
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