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Nothing about accessibility at AnEventApart 2009?

I recently attended new-window-brown-miniAnEventApart (AEA) in Chicago. AEA, spin-off of new-window-brown-mini AListApart (‘for people who make websites’) and baby of the two founding fathers / gods / gurus of standards-based web design, new-window-brown-mini Jeffrey Zeldman and new-window-brown-mini Eric Meyer, fields a higher class speaker than your average web design event. This year’s bunch included Zeldman and Meyer themselves, and others known to have something of substance to say, like new-window-brown-mini Andy Clarke and new-window-brown-mini Dan Cederholm. Lesser known but nonetheless making an impact were new-window-brown-mini Whitney Hess on users,
new-window-brown-mini Kristina Halvorson on content, and new-window-brown-mini Luke Wroblewski’s entertaining and eye-opening talk on the many, many, many things you can get wrong in web form design.

No session on accessibility, though.


Helen Kennedy, 15/10/2009
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